About Rice Veneer & Lumber Co.

Rice Veneer & Lumber Company specializes in high-grade face veneers from South America, Africa, the United States, and Europe. We currently offer a wide variety of woods: American Cherry, Maple, Walnut, White Oak, Red Oak, and Mahogany; as well as exotic, one-of-a-kind woods such as Fiddle Back Anigre, Figured English Sycamore, and a wide array of interesting and exotic South American and African species.

Three generations of knowledge, skill and experience form the roots of Rice Veneer & Lumber Company. Established in 1904 and acquired by Earl E. DeNeut in 1936, our company has become the recognized veneer supplier to the furniture industry. William E. DeNeut is the current President of Rice Veneer & Lumber Company, having taken over for his father in 1994. He has over 23 years experience in the veneer business.

William DeNeut

William E. DeNeut, Owner